Nestled between gentle hills and geometrically impeccable cultivated fields that delineate the geography of the Macerata countryside, the Morica agricultural business managed by Ilario and Sandra and their sons Irene and Andrea has turned an ancient family passion into a concrete and solid reality, creating the most important livestock farm for purebred Marche cattle.   

Every day we work with attention and passion to breed our animals and to cultivate products that are useful for your well-being. We do it yogether, because we are a team, a company, a family.


Ancient passion for the land and for the region, the safeguarding of traditional agriculture, protection of the environment and the health of all, the focus on genuine and quality foods and continuous quality research through the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. These are our values.


The rearing of purebred PGI Marche cattle, registered in the Libro Genealogico Nazionale LGN (National Genealogical Register) is a fruitful example of how the closed-loop system can guarantee the quality of an entire production chain. 

The majority of the terrain is cultivated by durum wheat, corn, barley, tic bean and alfalfa that are essential food stocks for the cattle.  

The manure is then used as fertilizer to form a guaranteed and controlled chain that permits high safety standards in every phase of the production process. 

The decision has also been made to implement production with the rearing of Chianina cattle, with the care and attention to genetics that has always made our business unique. 

Another activity is that of the production of extra-virgin olive oil created from the cold pressing of native cultivar olives that are grown and hand-picked in the company’s olive groves located close to ancient sources of the purest water.